• A fresh, tantalizing wine for perfect sunsets.

    A fresh, tantalizing wine for perfect sunsets.

    Raggio di Luna, a gourmet wine to drink young, blend of two typical varieties of Abruzzo, Trebbiano and Passerina; articulated wine the first, fresh and drinkable the second. Two wines that express the character of the territory to which they belong.

    Wine Specification

  • Manly strength of a red wine among white grapes.

    Manly strength of a red wine among white grapes.

    VIR is an intense white wine like a red, it's the rare result of union of red strength and white wine freshness. A wine that confuses the senses and your exclamation will be: "I thought it was a red!"

    Wine Specification

  • A woman kiss with cherry flavor.

    A woman kiss with cherry flavor.

    An intense wine like a red but fresh as a white, Femina it's our Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo. a wine made from Montepulciano grapes harvested in mid-September and treated like white wine.

    Wine Specification

  • A no compromises wine.

    A no compromises wine.

    Voluptas, is Spring, season of awakened desires and Voluptas is an uncontrollable desire. Voluptas is not just our Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, but it is an amazing red wine that shows our interpretation of Abruzzo.

    Wine Specification

  • Meeting with a lovely friend.

    Meeting with a lovely friend.

    Senior more than others, it is a wine which faithfully gives all sensations of our territory, a Colline Teramane wine that we love to open on special days and when our dearest friends come over

    Wine Specification

  • A musing great wine.

    A musing great wine.

    Intense but smooth, a great wine even if young, Pignotto a Grand Cru able to enhance the elegance of Colline Teramane. A wine that we dedicate to strong red wines lovers

    Wine Specification

  • Power and immediacy to the eyes, nose and palate.

    Power and immediacy to the eyes, nose and palate.

    MKP is Mirko Perpaolo Papirii's soul, a poet and a great bluntly wines lover. A Montepulciano with unexpected purple reflections and fresh smells of berries. It has an intense flavor, spirited and very tannic.
    Without Added Sulphites

    Wine Specification

  • An enticing wine.

    An enticing wine.

    Rio Moro it is a wine that involves all your senses, a perfect fusion of Montepulciano, Cabernet, Merlot and Sangiovese wines that generates an enjoyable tannic velvety wine.

    Wine Specification

  • Sunset over Pignotto Hill For 50 years Montepulciano d'Abruzzo with passion
  • Elio Monti and Dr. Cotarella A long and successesful path
  • Emilia Monti and Elide Puzielli Great modern wines respecting tradition
  • For 50 years Montepulciano d'Abruzzo with passion

    Real cru exposed mainly in the east in the municipality of Controguerra, contrada Pignotto enjoys the highest reputation within the whole Abruzzo vineyard. Our wines come from here.

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  • A long and successesful path

    Wine is the destiny of my family. A destiny that first involved my father Elio Monti, together with his brother Antonio, then me. It was the last sixties.

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  • Great modern wines respecting tradition

    "Tradition has so many masks not to be recognized," argued Cocteau. Here, more than tradition, we prefer to talk about practices of custom: a protocol of actions that over time we have discovered to be the best to express our territory.

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Our guarantees



Our goal is to always exceed our expectations to guarantee the best quality.


Creating unique wines is exciting every day because we do it with passion and dedication.


Looking ahead, we honor our history by respecting the times and traditions.

Monti's Brand
50 years of style and elegance.

The logo

Our dog Spinone called Baffo. He was an _ Excellent hunter, a very faithful dog. He deserves to be the logo of our family. Here in Controguerra everyone has a nickname, and the nickname of Our family has always been "chill’ de lu cà."

The style

Our style consists in letting our territory express itself. I'll be simple, but it's all here. We do not buy wines, we vinify grapes treated directly by us, with processing exclusively by hand. My idea and that of my family is not to convey convictions through bottles, because we do not make wines designed. Consequently we simply define ourselves as wine artisans, with no interest in other labels. Our idea is to improve more and more keeping in mind the results of our historian and our territory, who tell us that here wines, and not only Montepulciano, have particularly relevant qualities of balance and finesse.



    “With their wines they represent the genuineness and the body of the true Abruzzo wine. The passion they put into their work leads to remarkable results. See at Vinitaly 2018,"Gran Medaglia di Cangrande". Seeing is believing.”

    Joseph Elcys



    “Vini Monti what to say .....Astonishing!”

    Alexander Bucks



    “If Italian Wine were the question, Monti would be my answer! This is how I wish to express all my appreciation for a winery that continues, with its wines, to enhance one of the most beautiful expressions of the Teramo Hills area.”

    Angel Counts

News from Winery

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Tour Enogastronomico nel Teramano

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